Foxowly Czardas

Foxowly is usually referred to as a little Griffins, with one pair of legs armed with claws and a pair of fluff wings, with a tail. At present, mainly because of the fantasy beasts anatomy book, they are treated as a separate species of mythical beasts, weaker and smaller than the proper Griffins, which are represented as four-footed creatures.

My little Foxowly are still chicks. They are very friendly and cheerful. They like to eat from your hands like little birdie

Czardas is a free spirit and possibly too smart for his own good. He is clever, dodgy and too serious for his young age.

The Foxowly is made of very soft German faux fur for him body, and German miniature faux fur plush for him legs.
All the materials used will be of long life to this toy.
- he has armatured legs that allows her to change his poses a little bit . Legs and fingers can be gently bent. This type of mounting allows the bird to take different positions.
- also 5 joints (head, wings and legs).
- glass eyes.
- nose and claws is made by hand
- shaded with pastel and oil paints
- stuffed by synthetic fluff, mineral and silicone granulate

height ~ 7.4 "(19cm) The perfect 'to go' size. Small enough to fit in a bag, big enough to be tough to lose

Thanks for getting acquainted with Czardas!

This is fully handsewn toy made on my original pattern.

From smoke free artist home.

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