Albino rat Albert

This is a very realistic albino rat Albert, charming cutie.

The rat is made of a very realistic German faux fur. All materials used on the toy have the highest quality, which will ensure a long life for this toy.
- paws and tail are flexible, for many nice poses. From the head and along the back passes plastic skeleton. Body, paws, fingers and tail can be gently bent. Head tilted in different directions.

This type of attachment allows the rat to be mobile and occupy different positions.
- glass eyes with hand painted
- wool muzzle
- teeth made of darwi clay
- suede ears
- suede tail
- shaded with pastels paints
- height 6.6 inch/17 cm (without tail), and ~12.5"(32cm) long (with a tail).

Thanks for getting acquainted with Albert!

This is fully handsewn toy made on my original pattern.

From smoke free artist home.

All the toys are shipped in strong boxes and have artist passports.

Worldwide shipping.

Toy will be shipped within 4-6 days after payment, not including weekends and holidays.

I send toys from Moscow, Russia.

Delivery usually takes 25-65 days.